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Game Review – Onitama

Game Title: Onitama Game Company: Arcane Wonders Players: 2 Recommended Age: 14+ Play Time: 10-15 Minutes MSRP: $29.99 Onitama is a two-player abstract strategy game, played on a 5 square by 5 square play mat. Game components are high quality and the theme and artwork are very well done. Each player controls 5 pieces; a…
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How does Magic fit into The Game Annex?

Yes it is true, The Game Annex is known as Fort Wayne's premier board game store.  I have embraced this and have always been dedicated to that.   For almost 2 years we did not have Magic, mostly due to the thought that board gamers and magic players couldn't coexist. The fact is, they really…
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Mysterium – Worth the Hype?

For months now, we have seen the glorious advertisement in various board game magazines. It has had a fair amount of hype surrounding it. So is it worth the hype? It all started at GenCon 2015 - The expected release of Mysterium. Then the news arrived that only around 100 people per day would get…
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