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CLUE Party May 9th


You remember the game. Clue is likely one of the first games you played. It is a game that is still loved by many game enthusiasts in our industry today. So why is that? I will tell you why it is for me.

It was the first game I experienced that wasn’t merely rolling the dice and moving a pawn. Sure you roll the dice and move your player pawn in this game, but then magic happened. I got to ask other players if they had cards and using deductive reasoning along with guts to make a guess before I was 100% sure, I instantly fell in love with this game.

So now that I am in love with this game, do you know what happened next? They made a hilarious comedy of dry humor that is a classic not unlike the game, still today.

So to honor this, The Game Annex is throwing a Clue party! That’s right. A Clue party. Dress up as your favorite clue character, or come play one of many deductive reasoning games. It will be a night of fun, mystery and mayhem like you have come to expect from The Game Annex, and we can not wait to see you!

Evening events:

Clue Photo Booth
Deductive Reasoning Games (open play)
Costume Contest

This is the first in many Themed Game Nights we are planning!

Saturday May 9th 6pm-10pm