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Mysterium – Worth the Hype?

For months now, we have seen the glorious advertisement in various board game magazines. It has had a fair amount of hype surrounding it. So is it worth the hype?


It all started at GenCon 2015 – The expected release of Mysterium. Then the news arrived that only around 100 people per day would get their hands on the product. I admit it, I fell into the hype. I am not ashamed. The description that was all around was that it was a cross between Dixit and Clue intrigued me. Ok, considering that Clue was my favorite game ever as a child, it really intrigued me.

So how do you play? In a nutshell: One person plays as the Ghost trying to communicate with Psychics to find out who killed Warwick Manor’s manservant on December 13th. The ghost issues clues in the form of artistic cards like found in Dixit to the Psychics, who then try to decipher the clue or vision from the ghost to match the corresponding person, place or thing. This continues on in a series of rounds (hours in the game) until everyone has successfully identified their own personal suspects. If the psychics successfully identify their suspects in the 7 rounds (hours) then the game proceeds.

The ghost then randomly draws to see which psychic has the real culprit. The ghost issues one last vision that leads the psychics to the true culprit. The entire game the psychics are allowed to talk and discuss the visions while working cooperatively. The end of the game and the last vision is done in silence. If at least one person guesses the correct players suspects as the culprit, the team of psychics and the ghost have won the game.

I did roughly 6 demos of this game now and have to say it gets better every time I play it. The teams that I played with were all completely different and went about it a completely different way. It was a lot of fun. I will say that when you play on easy, it is very plausible to find yourself min/maxing the game. But, when you play the harder levels that seems to not be an issue at all.

Overall the game is a very refreshing change in party style game play. Asmodee has done a great job with the components. This game is attractive and very well done following the theme and storyline. I am very excited to see what Asmodee picks up next, as this game is manufactured by Asmodee but designed and created by Libellud.

What I do find very interesting is that the original Polish version has a rating of 7.064 on while the American version produced by Asmodee has a 5.668 rating. I call shenanigans on that one. Asmodee has done a beautiful job on this and it will likely be a big hit for people that like and enjoy games like Sheriff of Notthingham (Arcane Wonders) and Resistance (Indie Board and Cards).

I can also say that every group that played for our GenCon show and tell event, walked away from the demo very happy. I would recommend this to those looking for a very a socially engaging game (except for the ghost who doesn’t get to talk…much) and for those that may have a group that gaming does not come naturally. Cooperative games always ease the stress of playing games for those that are not as addicted as the rest of us.

So for me….the hype is real! We are taking pre-orders now at The Game Annex. I feel comfortable in saying it would be a safe bet to take a chance on this game.