Game of Thrones Oathbreaker

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From the design team that brought you Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure and Clank! In! Space!, Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker is a game of deception for 5-8 players. One player takes the role of the king, while the others represent the great lords and ladies of Westeros. Some are loyalists who want order in the realm. Others are conspirators, seeking to end the king’s rule. And all of them have a secret agenda of their own. Who is truly loyal, and who is simply hungry for power, honor, or coin?

It’s up to the King to figure out, before it’s too late.

• Claim the Iron Throne, serve loyally, or scheme to bring down the King!
• You alone know your real motives, and must deduce your allies – and enemies!
• The King offers rewards and punishments as players work together to complete (or undermine) a series of Missions.
• When all Missions have succeeded or failed, either the King and the loyalists or the traitorous Oathbreakers win!
• Designed for 5-8 players ages 12+