Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

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Get in the Fight!

Rivet Wars: Eastern Front is a fast-paced tactical miniatures game that brings Real Time Strategy inspired gameplay to your tabletop. As commander of your forces you spend resources each turn to deploy fresh troops to the front, Send out counter units to wreak your opponents best laid out plans. Deploy infantry, cavalry, artillery, and massive walking tanks or call upon your faction’s powerful heroes to enhance your forces’ strength. Drive forward, capture strategic objectives and smash the enemy’s army!


  • 38 Highly Detailed Miniatures
  • 34-Page Rulebook
  • 16 Stat Cards
  • 2 Stat Dashboards
  • 24 Action! Cards
  • 9 Double-Sided Tiles
  • 1 Tracking Tile
  • 6 Bunker Tiles
  • 6 Strategic Objective Tiles
  • 6 Minefield Markers
  • 6 Tank Trap Markers
  • 6 Razor Wire Markers
  • 12 Flag Tokens
  • 5 Gas Plastic Tokens
  • 4 Victory Plastic Tokens
  • 24 Damage Plastic Tokens
  • 6 Six-Sided Dice


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