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How does Magic fit into The Game Annex?

Yes it is true, The Game Annex is known as Fort Wayne’s premier board game store.  I have embraced this and have always been dedicated to that.   For almost 2 years we did not have Magic, mostly due to the thought that board gamers and magic players couldn’t coexist.

The fact is, they really don’t anywhere else in our metro area.  Considering our meta was so amazing, the thought of adding something that had a bad rap was scary.  However I am pleased to say, we have managed to co-mingle board gamers and Magic players!

So fast forward to this summer when we opened and shortly after closed our North Store.   We were mostly magic up there.  It was growing a nice crowd.  But we still didn’t see a a ton of cross over.  Then when we chose to close the second location, we didn’t want to say “sorry about your luck” and go back to no Magic at our Illinois road location.

So we prepped a semi private area to our large gaming area for trading card games.  This started our blend of friday night game night (our biggest night at the store) with Friday Night Magic.

What can you expect?

If you are one of our many loyal customers, you will know that the FNM will be run exactly the same as our board game nights.  We offer a clean, friendly and bully free atmosphere that people can come and play in.

Do you want to know what is really cool?  We offer a great place with lots of experienced Magic players.  Some of the top players call The Game Annex home.  We have one of the best tournament organizers running events and amazing judges lending their hand to building up our FNM.  On top of all of this, we still have a fun and friendly atmosphere.

It is safe to say, we intend to treat Magic with the same passion we do our board game area and we can not wait for you to experience The Game Annex difference.