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Rewards for Sharing your Love of Board Gaming!

You play board games?  You go to a store to play board games with other ADULTS?  What?  I don’t understand.

Have you ever heard this before?  Of course you have.  So many people love to blurt those sentiments out when you tell them about your favorite pastime.  But think of it this way.  As we get older, we become so far removed from our imagination that some adults have trouble embracing what we found so delightful about games as a kid.  On top of that, as we become older and more educated, we find ourselves wanting a searching for deeper entertainment.  What most non-gamers don’t understand is this is not your childhood games.


Most people think of games like Sorry or Monopoly (albeit nothing wrong with these games) that ask the player to roll a dice of chance.  Then buy up properties.  The game takes a good 45 minutes to get into an sort of trading, bribing, or bartering. (elements that most people find appealing)  So fast forward to 2015.  We have games that take out the 45 minute wind up to get good.  But imagine, if you didn’t know this you would be stuck in the frame of mind that many ‘outsiders’ of gaming are.

Games now have depth.  A depth that most people don’t know about.   That combined with the old philosophy that all games are created equal will keep families, couples and friends from wanting to explore a game night. Imagine thinking that game night is only made up of games from our childhood.  You would probably be apprehensive as well. But bringing friends into a world of drafting (7 wonders) , deck building (Legendary, Dominion and Star Realms) , strategy, deductive reasoning, worker placement and so much more.

So how do you explain what we do to non-gamers?  It is difficult.  Experience is always the best.  Show them a game that would appeal to their personality or bring them into The Game Annex and let us help you.   Just keep in mind that you want them to have fun……Agricola is probably not a great first experience to gaming.  Even for the brightest of people.  The average gamer wants to get away from ‘working’ too hard for entertainment.  Believe me,  they will work up to the challenge of Agricola soon enough!


So here is my challenge to you:

Get out there and talk about your hobby.  Don’t hide it, and don’t be ashamed.  It is nice to go analog from time to time.  Others will appreciate you showing them this wonderful world we get to enjoy.  Online gaming and all things digital are amazing, but there is something magical about gathering around a table with family and friends laughing and having a good time in a LIVE setting, face to face.

So with this challenge comes a reward!  We are going to offer a referral program to all of our current and new customers.  Once you have shopped here once you are eligible.  Basically bring in a new person to our store and the new customer will receive a referral discount of 15% off MSRP.  Then they give us your name and we will record that referral  for 15% off MSRP for your next purchase!  15% for them and 15% for you.  Just for sharing your love of gaming!


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